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Crewing and Manning Company, dealing with the Recruitment and Employment of Romanian Officers and Ratings aboard foreign owned sea-going vessels


Organized and licensed by the Romanian Government, INTERORIENT MARITIME ENTERPRISES LTD was founded in 2002 and since then has charted a steady, profound and reliable course within the international Shipping and Manning Industry by setting quality standards in its operations related to Crewing and Crew Management. Over the years, the spectrum of provided services has steadily expanded and broadened and we ceased to be a simple manning agency.


Romania, being situated in the heart of Central Europe and having a tradition in shipping activities, was among the first nations who were accepted in the IMO White List. The country’s crewing market has recently demonstrated strong activity in the recruitment sector and it appears nowadays that much foreign ship owners, managers and operators resorted to man their vessels with Romanian seaman, especially officers and technical staff. However it must be stated that certain shortage currently exists for Tanker officers due to massive demand!


The office is situated in the heart of Constanta, being the biggest port in the Black Sea, where many seaman call for employment.




The company is operating in accordance with the laws of Romanian Government and it is registered with the Department of Commerce and licensed by the Ministry of Transportation.

Full and complete records (employment services, copies of certificates, medical details, etch. documents) of the seafarers are maintained in the office and are ready available.

Formal procedure is in place in order to ensure that certificates of competency (COC), certificates on mandatory trainings, SIRB’s and other documents required by the Code of STCW “95 are all valid, issued in accordance with the national and flag state requirements, are not fraudulently obtained, are up to date and pre-employment references are verified with their previous employer and /or manning agencies.

The issuance of seaman flag state documents is also undertaken by the office and same are forwarded to the ship with copies to owners once issued.

Pre-employment medical examination are carried out for every seaman by a clinic licensed by the Department of Health in Romania. In addition, each seaman is required to undergo a full range Drug & Alcohol test and a respective certificate is issued prior boarding a vessel.

The company has in operation an In House Training System, which all seaman prior departure have to undergo a training, mainly with videos & literature regarding the Basic Safety Courses. This pre-departure familiarization and refreshing course it is of importance in order that the joining crew to be able to easily adjust to ISM ship board trainings. Respective certificate is issued.

ISM manuals and other instructions and policies provided by the individual ship owners, become available to officers and ratings prior joining ships in order to be familiarized with the ship’s system. Pre-departure orientation seminar is also conducted within our premises.


Our Company has a broad and high standards experienced pool of technical staff, who may be employed as Fitters, Welders, Machinists and Engineers for general repairs. They may be employed on individual basis for a specific period of contract or as part of a Repair Team.

Our experience shows that ships which need extensive repairs or are due for dry-docking, use to employ sailing Romanian Fitters/Welders for carrying out repairs which are otherwise very expensive to be done by shore or shipyard staff.